Chrysler, Valiant, Dodge Plymouth & International Ambulances


1963-65 Valiant AP5 Ambulance Pictures



Valiant AP-5 station wagon ambulance (Registration 20-999).  The Valiant AP5 (the AP referring to Australian Production) was fitted with a 3.6 litre 145 bhp “slant six”‘(St.John Museum photo copied by Kevin).




The interior of an AP5 Valiant station wagon, a spare folding stretcher is stowed up near the roof (St.John Museum photo copied by Kevin).




A well preserved 1951 Plymouth ambulance (registration number 531-396) next to a Holden HK at Gawler Centre around 1968 (St.John Museum photo copied by Kevin).


International ambulance know as the butter-box (St.John Museum photo copied by Kevin)




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